Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY maternity wear

As most that know me will know, I am expecting baby #4 in August.  I also am finishing up my fashion design course, so this combination has lead me on a search for tutorials and patterns because I feel a bit stingy.  My search found me so many wonderful blogs, sites, tutorials and patterns. I think I will be busy every week as my bump grows! (I am currently 11 weeks 4 days along) 

Being the nice person I am, I will share my search results with you so you don't have to spend hours searching the internet for things.

Sites & Blogs
DIY maternity : was started as a blog  by an Australian designer who now lives in America she also sells maternity patterns.
Luvinthemommyhood has done a few maternity roundup posts of tutorials she has found.
Randomcreative also has a roundup of tutorials.
Starbrush has a post about how to refashion clothes you already own into maternity clothes
madebyRae has a tutorial for a maternity top
make-Baby has a few tutorials.
Sewlikemymom has a tutorial about how to refashion pants (or shorts) into maternity ones and also a top to match.
on Pinterest i found a whole bunch of tutorials.
Preggo Eggo made a to do list of tutorials.
Laupre has a tutorial for wrap pants.
happytogethercreates has a tutorial for a top and belt.
Allfreesewing has a few links.
christyscreations  has a tutorial for a belly band.
sewrepurposed has a tutorial for a refashioned dress.
happyfind has a dress tutorial.
Crafster has a tutorial on how to turn your old jeans into maternity ones.
Hipforums has a few links to a few top tutorials.
wishologie has a few links to skirt tutorials.
handmadematters has a tutorial for refashioning a tshirt into a maternity top.
untrainedhousewife has a roundup of links of tutorials.
roued has a tutorial for maternity pants and links to other pants tutorials.
mumsmind has a roundup of links of tutorials.
planetgreen has a few links on refashioning clothes into maternity.
cultivatinghome has a tutorial on how to turn a shirt into a maternity skirt, she also has a few other maternity tutorials on her blog.
seemommysew has a maternity skirt tutorial.
Sewfearless has a few tutorials about maternity clothes.
itsourspace has links to skirt tutorials.

And ideas for what to do with your maternity clothes after pregnancy:
babble has a roundup of 20 ideas.
Thetraintocrazy has a tutorial on how to a maternity shirt into a top.
adventuresindressmaking has a tutorial on how to make a maternity tshirt into a ruffled top
bitowhimsy has a tutorial on how to turn a maternity top into a new top.

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