Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kids in the kitchen

My boys love to cook, they love to help in the kitchen. Tyson dreams of being on junior masterchef one day. he probably will one day he can bake better cakes then me!  Charlie loves the eating part mainly.
Things Tyson(and yes he only turned 5 in october) knows how to make: fruit pizza , muffins, vegan apple cinnamon rolls , stir frys, vegan choc chip cookies , vegan gingerbread 

You are probably wondering why vegan? Well in a nutshell, the boy's allergies & intolerances between them require egg free, dairy free,gluten free soy free peanut free..and there is probably more but thats off the top of my head.  They aren't overally fussy, they love all vegetables and fruit.

if you are wondering where do i find my recipes here are some links:
Coles's cooking with kids
I think allowing kids to help in the kitchen allows children to see how things get made (and for some fussy kids they actually start to like foods after seeing it made or helping make it), it lets the kids learn a skill or practise a skill (Charlie likes to practise chopping, while Tyson loves to mix and Cody likes to taste test). 

Charlie recently asked for a garden to be put in the yard that grows various vegetables and strawberries. So at the moment i am researching which things can be planted right now. 

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