Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Haircuts & why it is something that shouldn't be forced

For most Adults, haircuts bring excitement and plans for a new style or new colour, maybe even both. But for a Toddler or preschooler, the word haircut can bring fear and meltdowns.  How do I know?
I have one such little one who was frightened of haircuts and hairdressers. So he was the proud owner of a lovely mop of long blonde hair (Peaceful parenting has a great album on facebook of boys with long hair).
There are some great tips here on how to prepare a littlie for a haircut.

So we embarked on getting a trim for little Charlie. Bearing in mind the last time we took him to the hairdressers he had a complete meltdown and no one but I was allowed near him. But this time it was different, why? because Daddy tagged along.  The hairdresser let Charlie be a mini -assistant and use the spray bottle of water on daddy as daddy was getting his hair cut.   When it came time for Charlie to get his hair trimmed He insisted that he didn't need to sit in daddy's lap and sat on the chair on his own, perfectly still and was like a different child to his last visit to the same hairdresser.

Charlie before:


And after a trim:

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