Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Low Down on Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes, everyone has heard of them, maybe used them even if they haven't got children.  But does anyone ever wonder what exactly goes into those wipes that are often used on babies's faces, hands, and bottoms?  

What I have discovered with Wipes:
They can remove lovely mural drawings that your little artist uses markers to make a wall mural for you. Even the permanent markers are no match for the wipes. Crayon drawings can also be removed.

To some extent they can be a stain remover on clothes...
So bearing this in mind I began to research just what was in wipes and whether it was actually safe for using on a human, whilst also wondering about the eco friendly factor.

Ecochick did a blog post on rating which wipes were more enviro friendly  it doesn't list all the brands you find int he supermarket though, but it does give you a rough idea of what most are made of.
MUMmedia lists what is actually in wipes, this post appeared after a recall occurred in New Zealand where the wipes were recalled but were still sold here, in Australia with no recall or caution.  what was the chemical that caused the recall you ask? 

* Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate.
* A preservative.
* Originally used in paint and wood.
* Now also in some cosmetics but banned from baby wipes in New zealand but ok for use in wipes here.
* Linked to allergic skin conditions.

Now Anyone is right to question why these chemicals are known to be a cause of ill health are allowed to be in products, According to the Australian standards many of these chemicals (if not all of them) are not a concern.   

And No I am not just talking about Huggies wipes , and Johnson and Johnson and similar some bloggers out there, in the blogging world have discovered even the eco friendly wipes are not as eco as they market themselves. Take Green Tot Come, she discovered a few surprises after reading the label on a eco friendly pack 

So what are your alternatives you ask?

Well there are Eco baby wipes on the market that are organic and not full of chemicals (read the labels and become aware of what to look for) or you could use cloth wipes.

Here is a pic of one such brand of wipes that aren't full of chemicals:

 What do Cloth wipes look like? Well here is a picture of some you can buy online 

So if you elect to go for the Cloth option, there are a truckload of wipes solutions to keep them wet (or you could opt for plain water). Here are some links to recipes:
Recipe one (uses baby oil and shampoo )

4 Recipes here
22 recipes here
1 recipe here 
3 recipes here and a few tips 
10 recipes here 

Now with all those recipes you will need some cloth wipes, you can buy them at most Cloth Nappy website or store, or you can use facewashers or some mums have even used chux cloths as wipes. Or you can make your own wipes.
here are a few tutorials to get a few ideas ( some mums just grab to bits of fabric and overlock them together)
Flannel baby wipes tutorial

My Happy Crazy Life offers some great tips on making wipes.
Fernandfreckle has a great tutorial using a serger.
The Sewing Monster has a cute tutorial on wipes, perfect if you don't have a serger.

I myself, have plans to make some cloth wipes. The recommended amount for a newborn to potty training age is 20 wipes but I will probably make more since they are so quick and easy to make.

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