Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rubbish Free Lunches

With the back to school rush, I decided my goal would be to make Tyson & Cody's lunchboxes rubbish free. I got the Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free LunchBox and CoolSkin case (you can view them on this link)
After posting on Facebook some photos of what I pack for the boys for lunch I thought it may be a good idea to blog some.

Day One: Thursday 2nd February 
Salad Sandwich & Rockmelon pieces
Orange tub: Hummus Dip
Sultanas, Celery sticks and Carrot sticks

Day 2: Friday 3rd february

Salad Sandwich
Orange Tub: Rockmelon & watermelon pieces
Green Tub: Guacamole Dip (dairy free)
Carrot Sticks and Whole Wheat Seed Crackers (Dairy Free) -Can be frozen

Day 3: Monday 6th February
Salad Sandwich
Very Berry Chia Muffins ( I added Chia seeds as an extra they are not in the recipe also made these Dairy free) -Can be frozen
Veggie Slice -Can be frozen
Strawberry pieces
Green Tub: Roasted Honey Cinnamon ChickPeas
Orange Tub: Rockmelon Pieces

Day 4: Tuesday 7th February

Salad sandwich
Green tub: banana chips
orange tub: rockmelon bits
Chia berry muffin
Strawberry bits
Carrot bits
And dates

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