Monday, February 13, 2012

Taking things Slow and enjoying the little things

I have been reading about something called Slow living, on a few of my favourite blogs. (Check out my links page for a list of the blogs I stalk) I also have been reading about waldorf inspired rhythm s for the home. My favourite Rhythm is one i found at This Whole Family.

I am planning to bring in a similar Rhythm into our home, I think it will create more peace and more predictability. Once I figure out how to post a pretty graphic like This whole family's one I will post our Rhythm and how its all going.
And now for some Photos taken over the weekend:

The last photo was taken at 15 weeks 3 days along. Top is from The sunny daisy tye dye creations .  Update on pregnancy: I had the GTT ( glucose tolerance test   for those who don't know the acronym of it. ) on friday morning, i did the 2 hour one with the 12 hour fasting , over the 2 hours my blood was taken 3 times.  by 10am i was feeling sick and faint and randomly i wanted to vomit. But by the time i was ready to leave etc, the vomit feeling had gone but i was still not feeling 100%  i felt very tired.  Apparently the test results should be back by Tuesday. Fingers crossed they are back soon.

I have also found this awesome tutorial and pattern for a newborn gown, i plan to make a whole bunch they look super cute!  I just have to collect some funky tshirts.

Ultrasound pic was not taken over the weekend but I just realised I hadn't posted it yet! That was done almost 2 weeks ago. But #4 is waving.

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