Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All one Gender Families...

Many readers, will know I have 3 sons.

 When I had my first son, I was asked:
 "When will you have another?"  "When will you try for a girl?". 

When I had my second son, i got "Oh, so I guess you will try for a girl next time.." and "Sorry its a boy".

When I had my third son, after the 20 week ultrasound I got "So when will you try for a girl?" and when he was not even an hour old I got asked "So will you try for a girl?".... 

Ahh yes I have had some silly comments like "Gosh you must have your hands full" (about having 3 children).

This morning I had someone say "Its a girl... because you don't want another boy do you" when discussing how i had the ultrasound recently, but hadn't "found out" gender. I am not sure if these people realise ultrasound predictions of Gender can actually be wrong in some cases...
For info on Ultrasound accuracy check out this link

So I put it to my Facebook friends and Fans on the fan page for this Blog to share the comments they have had here is some of the comments:

"when people find out we have 4 daughters (they seem to ignore the fact our eldest 2 are boys). "are you going to keep trying for a boy" "you will need shares in tampax" "goodluck when they are all teenagers"  - A mum of 6 children (2 boys and 4 girls).

"I used to get it, while pregnant with my 3rd boy "Oh, so will you try for a girl next?" and alot of the time, it was midwives asking Yes; because thats the most important thing on your mind, your NEXT baby." - Mum of soon to be 4 (3 boys with a girl on the way)

" I get the 'so are u going to try for a boy next' gah!" - A mum of All girls 

" ‎2 boys, 2 girls. I never really got anything like that but do get oh you wont be having any more kids will you" - A Mum of four.
 " not too much about gender more about family size. Though i got everyone saying how 'lucky' i was to have a pigeon pair and then again i was 'lucky' to have two boys two girls... I was just happy to have healthy babies considering my oldest almost died at birth"- Mum of Four.

"sure do, I have 8 daughters..I get asked if I was trying for a boy & my reply is "I wasn't even trying to get preg" - A mum of 8.

"Ok I don't have 2 or more hehe I only have 1 boy, but have decided due to infertility that I won't be trying for anymore in the future, and quite a few people have told me that ill regret it and I should at least try for a girl to make it even." -Mum of one boy. 

There is a bit of science research on the whole all one gender families and why some families just seem to have all boys or all girls, check out this article it has statistics.  and this looks at the odds of having the opposite gender in the next pregnancy (based on the second link i have a 43.6% chance #4 is a girl).
Essential baby did a great article on what life was like having all boys,


  1. Being a mum of 4, 4yrs and under I get "gosh you must have your hands full" a lot and I never know what to say cause I mean yeah I'm busy but I don't think It's like this huge struggle people make it out to be and I find it awkward when I answer.

    1. i get that comment with just the 3 boys now lol. I always just laugh and say not really. Though if a stranger has caught me in a bad mood i often will snap at them and will say "no i haven't " and rant about how it isn't hard work.