Monday, March 12, 2012

Charlie's peaceful birth story

Charlie at 12 weeks

Charlie's Birth was the fastest and most peaceful so far. he was born at a small regional hospital , a different hospital to my other two children.
Charlie at a an hour old.
His labour was 6.5 hours long.  He was born at 8:44am, at 40weeks 5 days. He weighed 7lb 11oz and was 54cm long.  He was very alert from the start, unlike my other two babies, he was having a good look around at his new surroundings as soon as he was handed to me when he was born.

I did have a shot of pethadine when the sciatica pains were becoming too much for me to bear, i was unable to walk well and almost in tears. Once the pethadine kicked in, i was walking around chatting to everyone, apparently i was far too calm and chatty for a woman in labour.

Charlie at 3months old
I had 2 midwives looking after me the whole night, no change overs, they even stayed despite their shift being over as they wanted to see what my baby looked like. I had the obstertrician who did my pregnancy care with the midwives during charlie's birth. I found knowing them, very comforting. I also liked how i was left to my devices most of the time.

it wasn't till charlie was not making his way fully down the way he was suppose to that the Ob got a bit worried. On investigation she realised he was stuck, so she asked if it was ok to get the vaccum to try and move him a bit, that didn't end up working as it couldnt grab hold of him. So she had another look and realised, he had tried to turn himself at the last second into a tranverse position but only managed to get his head and shoulders transverse and the rest him was in the regular textbook position.The Ob was glad the suction did not work once she saw that, she said had it worked it may have broke his neck once she started pulling.
Charlie at age 1yr old.

So to move him she got the forceps out and tried to move him around.  I did tear and end up getting 1 stitch.  He co slept from the second he was born, he never used the crib thing the hospitals have, the midwives commented they poked their heads in while i was sleeping, to see why they never heard my baby cry, and found him sleeping next to me. I went home when he was 24 hours old.

He has had no major issues developmentally nor health issues, he breastfeed till 19.5 months, he does react to  some foods like his older brothers do but that is about it. he has a cheeky sense of humor now at age 3 yrs old. he was Ec'ed from 9 months old, though 2 weeks after starting he started to walk, so i had to learn how to contend with a walking EC'ed baby much sooner then I thought.
Charlie at age 3 taken in 2012.

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