Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The post where I reveal the top secret...

18 week belly pic
As many readers will know, I have been blogging this whole time while expecting #4. Well... I had the ultrasound on the 19th march and this is the post that reveals all the ultrasound's happenings...

20 week ultrasound pic

Say Hello to Baby #4

Baby #4 is a........healthy baby. Hear beat of baby was 142 per minute during the ultrasound. baby kept rolling on to their tummy and at one stage it looked like they were trying to crawl away from the prying eyes of the ultrasound.  charlie loved seeing his new sibling on the screen. When it came to checking the heart and the blood flow to and from the heart , charlie yelled "Look there's fire inside the baby!".
The lady who did the ultrasound said that was a first, and chuckled that she had heard little kids coming in and saying the unborn baby looks like a dinosaur or saying to name the baby Dora, but never heard fire inside a baby.

Charlie explaining to Tyson & Cody the ultrasound.
Now after having 3 boys and getting comments such as "oh I am sorry it's another boy" or "I guess you will try for a girl next time", and other silly comments along the same lines #4 is a surprise. Some friends think #4 is a girl, some say boy. I am just happy #4 is healthy.

Which brings me to another topic: Why is having 2 or more boys a bad thing? I don't see it as bad to have 3 boys. Someone has to raise the little boys  who will be the AP dad's of tomorrow. 

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