Monday, March 12, 2012

Tyson: Birth story and journey

me with Tyson  in 2007, he is approx 9 months old.
Sadly I do not have any photos of Tyson from when he was a newborn, we did not own a camera when he was born, and did not get one till he was around 8 or 9 months old.

Tyson's labour was 9.5hours long, i had the NICU team, a student OB observing, and a student midwife working with a midwife and and Ob in the birthing suite when he was born. Why so many people you ask? I have no idea.

Maybe, it was due to the fact at 30 weeks he started to measure less then normal and then did not grow at all between 30 weeks & 35 weeks I was sent for an ultrasound at 35 weeks to find out if he was ok , and was told he was healthy just a bit smaller then average. He was born at 10:44am at 40 weeks 2 days and weighed 7lb 5oz and measured 49cm. (much smaller then Cody).

I had an epidural, I do not recall asking for it. The Ob decided at the last minute as Tyson was crowning that tyson needed to be turned around because as the Ob explained to me "he wants to come out facing the sky"  even with the epidural the turning hurt like hell. and with that, Tyson became a forcep delivery, all because the OB decided it would be better for him to face the ground. I have since been told its perfectly safe for babies to be born facing the way Tyson wanted to be born.

Once Tyson was checked over etc the NICU team realised they were on stand by for no reason, they were not needed. Tyson was my first breastfeed baby, he did not latch on properly at first and a midwife suggested possible tongue tie( Tyson was later checked for this on the day we went home and the peaditrician said this was not the case). So the midwife showed me how to express and i ended up syringe feeding him till he latched properly.
Tyson at approx age 2, taken in 2008.

I went home with Tyson when he was 48 hours old.

Once Home i had the daunting task of having 2 under 2. Tyson developed reflux and had it till he was just over 1 year old (he was weaned at 10.5 months old and it was then i discovered he could not tolerate dairy but I had been fobbed off by so many Dr's till then).

When he was a few weeks old I noticed he had a lump on his temple and a birth mark on his wrist i was told "oh its just a dermoid cyst probably and thats a birth mark nothing to worry over"

One day In 2009, Tyson had a seizure I had not been in the room at the time and he came looking for me and had a soft cry of "mum" and then collapsed to the floor. I was freaking out but knew i had to try and stay calm or I would freak my other two little boys out. I told Cody to grab the phone.

Tyson was taken to ER, where the Dr's could not work out the cause but i was given a bunch of refferals to specialists and tests. Tests came back normal, he had EEG's ECG's, blood work etc. Nothing provided answers as he had more since that day.

When we were living in Brisbane, he fell down the stairs landing on his head, he was taken to a childrens hospital. He was kept in for observation but given a clean bill of health. He was reffered to a specialist there when i mentioned his history of seizures. This specialist was great, he ordered bloodwork, urine tests the works, no test was left not done. The only abnormal result Tyson ever had was High HVA.

We still do not know why he had those seizures, his birthmark has faded and gets checked every time he sees a specialist, no xray or scan of his head has shown the cyst has grown or is causing any issues so it was never removed.

These days at age 5yrs old, he has not had a seizure for some time. Though We do have to watch him if he gets a fever.  he does however have issues with constipation,which is an ongoing thing we are trying to fix. he does have some sensory issues going on other then that he is a healthy happy child, who loves school.

Tyson & I, taken in 2012.

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