Monday, April 16, 2012

My thoughts on Facebook..

Do you ever wonder "what did I do before Facebook?" , I can't even recall what I did, I joined facebook in late 2008-early 2009. So I was late to the trend. 
Facebook is a time sucking zone, you can sit for hours laughing at the soap opera like drama people have, or the mindless sheeple. 

I am not anti- Facebook in fact , I love it. It helps me stay in contact with Friends and family interstate and Overseas.  My problem with facebook is, it also makes it easy for people to avoid emailing, writing a letter or picking up the phone or seeing people face to face.. you know the old fashioned way of keeping in contact.

And in some cases Facebook can be like opening the morning newspaper while you sip your morning coffee.
Here is a quote from the link above that does go with my point :
Day 7: Sunday the 31st of January
Like a recovered alcoholic wary of imbibing even a sip of alcohol, I’m apprehensive of going back to Facebook today. For a week, I have found my validation in my creative pursuits, completing personal and university tasks, setting new goals, talking to strangers and loved ones alike, and exercise.
Although Facebook does not prevent me from doing all this, me not logging on to the social networking site freed up at least 7 hours this week – hours which I have sought to fill with the above endeavours.
As my Facebook detox week comes to and end, I realize that the social networking tool is just that. A tool. It facilitates communication between both people who know each other and strangers alike. It has helped me get in touch with sources for my stories because many times, that was the quickest and sometimes the only way I could get a hold of them.
I also go back to the site knowing that it makes communication with close friends and loved ones a bit too easy. How many times have you written a birthday greeting on a loved one’s wall, instead of actually picking up the phone or visiting him/her to do the same? I know I am guilty of that. Facebook facilitates communication but is a poor substitute for true, real-time connection.
This week has also made me aware of the fact that I need to use this networking tool to my advantage, but not let it take too much of my time, or even rely on it for validation. Because If I am being really honest, there are elements of it that boosts one’s ego. And last, but not least, the lack of Facebook access can seriously hamper a girl’s efforts to keep her New Year’s resolution to be more social.
 5 lessons from being away from facebook is a great article to read

So what is my Point? Well I cut my time down on twitter months ago.. And i don't to be honest feel the need to check it every day etc, I am on that rarely some friends who are also on my facebook list questioned if i had deleted Twitter.

Slowly I have been cutting down on Facebook time too. Instead of facebook, I have been sewing, reading books and sometimes just enjoying doing nothing. A friend recently told me she gets more done when she spends more time away from facebook. I agree as I find the same effect here in my life, when i am facebook free.

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