Sunday, May 20, 2012

29 weeks...

Taken at 28weeks 2 days.
I am currently 29 weeks & 1 day. I spent part of yesterday with a CTG monitor strapped to me ( I got the all clear and thumbs up with that so it was all good news with that), I had a test to see if my waters had indeed broken turned out they hadn't (phew!). I had an ultrasound to double check that the test was giving correct result and it said fluid levels were normal.. but it also said my placenta is still laying next to the cervix (check out this link for info on placenta previa ) bub also has suspected IUGR. (check out this link for info).

So yesterday i was bascially told I need to rest as much as possible (hard to do with 3 children haha), but i have also been told to not even consider not going to the 33week ultrasound next month ( not that i was going to not go).  I am still in the low risk care antenatal clinic program despite the fact I am now considered high risk for preterm labor etc. I think the midwives must like me. I have been told if next month placenta still hasn't shifted i will be booked in for a csection.  ( i did have a low lying placenta with Charlie but it shifted by 28 weeks).

Braxton hicks sometimes feel like the real deal they get so intense and regular they make me think oh no, this is it. But no they die off eventually and i am left thinking gee aren't I silly for thinking it may be the big day.

I do have the hospital bag semi- packed, I need to finish packing it. There are things I want to add to it etc, Like some Cloth nappies for bub and some things for me.

I am online randomly though these days I find it hard to sit at the computer for too long it gets to uncomfy to sit there for so long, sadly this also effects how long i can sit and sew for. The only thing I dont have issues with is laying down haaha.

I think I will start investigating smaller sized or prem size cloth nappies, just incase i Do need to cater for a smaller bub.  Tyson was a "suspected IUGR" case but at 35 weeks i was told he was on the smaller side of average and he 7lb 5 and 49cms, he was my shortest and lightest bub.

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