Friday, June 22, 2012

Pregnancy Update

32 weeks + 5 days ultrasound

I have neglected this blog for a while, the reason is at the end of may i was admitted to hospital and then i was put on bed rest at home.  I have grade 3 (a few cm's shy of being grade 4) placenta previa, so I have sort of started becoming a regular at the hospital, some of the staff even know me by name, some even know my voice on the phone.

On the 14th June I went to the hospital for a regular OB appointment, to be told my ultrasound would be done that afternoon and i was going to have my first steroid injection. Luckily I watched Offspring the night before so had a fair idea what the injection was for. So I was sent off to MDAU to have a CTG done and get the steroid shot. I can tell you now those steroid shots hurt. and I am not talking a few mins afterwards, the injection site hurt from the minute it was done (almost 12 noon to 10:30pm that night !)

After that I was whisked off to the ultrasound department where Allan met me (he rushed back from work as I had kept him informed of what was going on over the phone). I had gone to my appointment by myself thinking it was just a check up and i'd be on my merry way after an hour or so depending on if the Ob was running behind. Well the ultrasound showed bub is growing very well the ultrasound estimated bub to be 1.9kg (4lb 3oz) which is apparently very good size for how far along i was.

The ultrasound showed how far the placenta really was over the cervix and the OB knew then a csection will be the only option for me.  She did  randomly throw in that if i have a 5th child she couldn't see why i wouldn't be able to have a VBAC if there is no placenta previa.

I got my second dose of the steroids on the 15th June. that one didn't seem to hurt for as long as the first dose. That being said , strangely my braxton hicks pains have got way stronger since the second dose.  I actually was in being monitored on the 18th June for possible preterm labour and when i got there the midwives had all the needles and things ready for drips to be put in me (which when you are told you will only have a CTG done and no mention of needles is kind of scary to walk in the room and see a trolley full of needles etc) did i mention i have a fear of needles?? haha.

SO right now I am still pregnant, its is just a waiting game on when bub comes. Ideally the OB would love to see me get to 37 or 38 weeks but she said with how i have been going I may not even get to 36 weeks (which is why i got the steroid injections), I will be 34 weeks tomorrow.

I have had randoms inbox me on facebook saying csections are horrible etc, but no offence idiot I'd rather not bleed to death or risk my unborn child's life by attempting vaginal birth. yes I did want a water birth but realistically that is not an option anymore nor will it be safe for me to do. I have never been classed as high risk nor have i had a csection. I find it very daunting to face it but i know its the safest option (yes its major surgery and it has its own risks).

Another thing that bugs me is people who feel the need to say "oh but it could move" well deary, yes yours or your sister's friend's partner's cousin's placenta may have moved this late in pregnancy but i doubt her's was almost a grade 4. Mine, you see is almost fully covering the cervix.. so the chances of it suddenly moving overnight is mighty slim. I actually knew it wouldnt be shifting once i hit 30 weeks as it had moved by then with Charlie.  In a way, informing it could move and to not book a csection in (yes i have had a few say this) dismisses my feelings as well as my health. Right now, although i am at home, i could be admitted to hospital until bub is born , at any moment really all that has to happen is i get more contractions or i bleed or have big clots.

A lot of people have been awesome the past few months, with support and encouragement. Some have babysat the 3 boys, some have done errands for me, some have just been there for me to talk to when i need someone to talk too. Thank you , you all know who you are.

33 weeks +4 days belly pic

2 custom one of a kind newborn size cloth nappies (the maker of these is  The Monkey Cloth Shop)

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  1. That sucks that people are saying things like that, so not helpful. I'm very pro-natural delivery, but c-sections DO have a place, and that place is in cases like yours, were it is medically necessary. Try to block the negativity out, and focus on your beautiful baby. You are doing the right thing for you and for babe. I hope you keep well :)