Saturday, September 29, 2012

Disconnection and society

I have recently discovered Instagram (feel free to follow me on there my username is Jessamy_g) . My learning of how to use it etc has got me thinking: with all these social media sites, do people blog anymore?

I love my blog, yes it's a neglected blog at times. (Sorry ) I only get so much time in a day with 4 busy boys to entertain.

I have been questioning if social media is the cause of so many friendships and family relationships these days becoming disconnected. Nobody calls anybody it's all text message or email if you're lucky. Most just "like" things you post and barely talk.

Which brings me to my other thought , if all these relationships are not connected, could this be why so many people young and old take their own lives ? I once read that every 40 seconds a person has taken their life.
Sad tragic statistic.

Why does it bother me so much? You ask. His name is Aaron. He is my brother. He took his life in August 2007. He was about to turn 18 in September that year.

It's why I feel so passionate about urging others to seek help if they need it, to connect with others. To reach out to others.

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