Saturday, October 6, 2012

Alistair's birth story

Alistair's debut to the world was different to my other 3 boys, he was my first csection.
I had always sworn black and blue I would never have a csection, if I had any choice about it. Well, by 30 weeks it was becoming clear I was going to have my first csection I had grade 4 placenta previa. Gone were the waterbirth fantasies.

I was given 2 shots of steroids at 31 weeks incase he decided to come early. I got admitted to hospital at 33 weeks along and there I stayed till my baby was born.

In hospital every time I had a bleed I would have ctg monitoring and an iv put in just incase I got sent to theatre. They also had blood on stand by incase I had a big bleed. I wasn't allowed to leave the hospital, at first I wasn't allowed to leave the ward but after a week I got to go to the cafeteria 3 floors below.

As the day of the planned csection drew closer, I got more nervous. I had read all the research and info on the risks and had listened to my OB who had not sugar coated the risks.

On July 23rd:
My biggest fear was having to have a general anesthetic and then not being awake to see my baby until i woke up.

When i was in the room just before the operating theatre and they were trying to  get the spinal block needle in , i overheard one of the dr's say they couldn't get it in. I started to cry as I had been told if they couldn't get it in, it would mean a general and Allan would have to wait in recovery for me. 3 attempts later I was wheeled into the theater very freaked out.

My arms were slowly attached to various IV's , I had tubes coming out of my arms everywhere.  I was given a rundown again of what I would feel and what would happen again as they got the curtain ready.  When everything was all ready to go, one of the anaesthetist said I was doing really well. And I was shocked to learn it had started.

I could hear lots of suction happening and couldn't see what was going on. Then the two anaesthetists both said "He is a good size" as they poked their heads to catch a glimpse. Allan got called over to where the midwife was weighing our newborn.  He stayed with our baby while i was stitched up etc. I apparently lost 500ml of blood during the csection. I got wheeled into recovery and all i wanted to do was hold my baby.

I had spent 1 month in hospital trying to keep him in the womb and now he was finally here at 37 weeks and 2 days.  I had to wait for the IV's to be unhooked and for meds to be given before i got to hold him, but those few minutes of waiting were worth it. Once he was in my arms I didn't want to let him go. He breastfeed in recovery and all the way back to my room on the maternity ward.

Back in my room, it felt surreal, I hadn't gone into labor, yet I had this baby.  I couldn't walk around and felt dependant on others which bugged me a lot. It seemed all over so quickly, the csection had taken less then 1 hour. We didn't have a name picked before his birth, i ended up telling Allan to choose a name because I couldn't think of any. He chose:

Alistair Ryan

Birth Time2:12pm.
Weight 3690grams (8lb 2oz)
Length: 48cm ( 18& 1/2 inches)
Head : 35.5cm (13& 3/4 inches)
Born at 37 weeks & 2 days gestation.

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