Sunday, October 7, 2012

Photo a Day challenge

I have been participating in a fellow blogger's Photo a day challenge. It is great fun, This month I intend to eidt this post and add my photos as i take them. I am also posting them on Instagram.

1. Where I stood. This is my stance on Immunisations (check out this post for more info )

2. Lunchtime... Who doesn't enjoy a lunchtime nap?

3. This happened today... a much needed nap...

4. What I read.  The ABA pre-enrolment info (link to courses here)

5. Shadow my shadow while wearing my ergo baby carrier with Alistair in it.

6. I'm thankful For... Naptime. Yes he is smiling in his sleep, it's pretty cute. I also love how close these two are despite an almost 4 year age gap.

7. Light.

8. Angle.... corner of a square plate.

9. Red... a red pen. Yes that is an upside down cow in the background.

10. Emotion...Brotherly Love

11.  Something Close Up. Alistair...

12. On the Table. dairy free banana chia seed & poppy seed muffins they are also sugar free.

13. Landscape.

14. Makes You Laugh. Allan & Charlie...

15. Dinnertime. Charlie eating noodles.

16. Something I wrote... Music choices for my upcoming wedding. (i have since changed my mind on these choices )

17. Fruit...Orange Wedges

18. Made me Smile today. Alistair.

19. Letters. well they are emails...

20. 4'oclock.

21.  Calm. He is teething at the moment.

22.  In your town.

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