Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vaccinations and choices

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Alistair  has only got one  vaccination shot (he got the Hep B one at birth with the Vit K shot), he won't be having anymore anytime soon.  We filled out a conscientious objection form with a GP.Charlie will not be getting his 4 year old ones either.

Do Dr's have to sign CO Forms? is an interesting read on this subject. 

I personally had no trouble or issues arise in getting a Dr to sign the form.

This Blog post covers all the info on what happens if you do not vaccinate and get Centrelink payments.

Now there has been talk of losing Family Tax payments if you do not vaccinate this is not true. From the Centrelink website:

Immunisation exemptions

If there is an approved reason why your child is not fully immunised and you want an immunisation exemption, you need to provide us with one of the following from your immunisation provider or doctor:
  • A Medical Contraindication form
  • a Conscientious Objection form, or
  • a letter explaining why the exemption is necessary. (from here)

Immunisation requirements for Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement

From 1 July 2012, parents will need to have had their children immunised during the financial years that each child turns one, two and five years of age to meet the immunisation requirement for the Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement for that period.
To meet the immunisation requirements, children will need to be ‘fully immunised’, be on a recognised immunisation catch up schedule, or have an approved exemption. Read more aboutimmunising your children.  (from here )

What about School enrolment etc? you ask. Well it is actually against the law to not allow an enrolment based on lack of immunisations. All that happens is if there is a vaccine preventable outbreak there is an exclusion period from school, kinder etc.  (read here for info) and this type of exclusion if there is an outbreak can extend to playgroups (see here for info)

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