Friday, December 14, 2012

#Reverb12 day 14: The path that brought me here

Day 14 Question:
What was the most important thing you learned in 2012?

       I think the biggest lesson, I learnt was  csections are not a walk in the park, nor are they the big evil thing i thought they were. I also learnt not all Ob's are evil fear mongering dr's who just want to push you into a csection at any given moment they can. In fact, the Ob i had this year, I can not praise him enough for the care i got during my pregnancy and during the csection.  He was awesome. He even informed me I should be fine to VBAC if i do not have any placenta previa or other placenta issues (like it abrupting or coming off the walls or it growing in the scar ).

My other lesson, was sometimes, bad things happen to good people when they least expect it. But those times you get to witness the village surrounding those people, rally and support that person in various ways. it is lovely to see and be a part of.

I have also learnt  not to take things that people say to me personally, like petty insults are not a reflection of me personally but of them. I also have learnt, you can learn from relationships and reflection. So many lessons can be inside our past present and future, if we look. But I guess sometimes we do not want to admit to these lessons.

I am very open about the fact, I was a foster child from age 10 to 18.  I am also open about the fact, I have quite a few relatives with mental illness, and have lost a sibling to suicide. But I do not let any of that define me. That path may have helped shape me a tiny bit, but it also taught me a few lessons, quite a few people have misconceptions about foster children (we are not all going to end up in jail or on drugs etc), and mental illness (mental illness does not equal violent person).

As a teen, I was always going to protests for Green Peace, and also anti war protests.  I am still vocal on those issues.



  1. Well written, and that Ghandi quote is my little motto, I live by it.