Sunday, December 23, 2012

#Reverb12: Day 23: what I will let go of

Day 23 Question: 
Name three excuses -- stories you tell yourself that are holding you back -- that you are going to let go of in 2013.

I often get told I need to speak up, speak louder because I am such a quiet spoken person, because of this I often think people won't hear me when I voice my opinion on matters. But once, a teacher said to me "the smallest voices often make the loudest noise and biggest impact on the world".

I often worry that I will be like my mum, she has several mental illnesses. I've come to Realise worrying that I may or may not develop a mental illness is silly.i should just live life as much as possible and just not be afraid to seek help if I need it.

I often worry my dreams will be nothing more then dreams, but I've vowed to myself that I will work towards them no matter how small a step I take its one step closer to my dreams.

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