Friday, March 1, 2013


On the 17th Of February I got Married! It was a beautiful day (it was 33 degrees). My day started early with getting to my bridesmaid Cass's house at 8:30am with Cel.   The hair and make up ladies, worked their magic on us, and made us look girly.  The limo driver said I was the first bride to ever run on time and to wait for him outside .
Yep I had my trusty Ergo at the wedding! 
We got to the Deakin Chapel on time,  i think the limo turned a few heads at the entry as All ford Day was being held at the same place at the same time but in a different area. So I got to see all the vintage cars.  I did cry when I walked in the chapel.  Allan did too.  His best man Kev cried more though .
Cody in his suit, doesn't he look cute?
I had gerberas as my flowers white ones for me and pink for the bridesmaids. Allan had roses, white for him and pink for everyone else (including our boys). 

We did have a a hiccup during the ceremony of Allan's ring going missing and that moment was captured by the photographer we hired. (can't wait to share those pics). My dress really did only cost $59.95 it was a total bargain from ebay, i found it by chance a bridal shop getting rid of its stock due to closing down had listed it, when it arrived the tag had a price tag of $2000 on it. So Best bargain I ever scored on ebay ! haha
Yes I really did stick "I do" in blue rhinestones on the bottom of my shoes...


You can't see all the detailing in my dress in this pic :(

in the limo 

The yummiest Cake ever!
My dress.
For the cake I had a white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate bits on it as well as raspeberry macaroons, it also had a raspberry cream inside it. Very yummy!
I think it was a great day everyone had fun and that was what mattered.
Charlie in his suit.
We had my good friend be our Celebrant. She was awesome.

Our wedding favour boxes we filled these with lollies.

I had a custom head piece made for the wedding. It was vintage inspired.

Tyson in his suit.

Decorations at reception

Alistair in his suit.

Allan's wedding car

My handsome boys

My ring pillows yes they are teddy bears, one has a dress one has a suit on.
One for the flowergirl to carry and one for charlie to carry.

When my friend Tess couldn't make it to the wedding she was sad,
so I decided to make this and tag her on facebook.

We also tagged people on facebook  who were overseas or interstate and couldn't make it to the wedding.

I can't wait to share the professional Pics...

song I walked down the aisle too

Celebrant was Janelle Bridge
Hair was Hair By Jo 
Venue was Deakin Chapel and Lake house

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