Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Saying goodbye to the cult of Facebook

So I deactivated my Facebook account yesterday morning, a whole 29 hours ago. Why? Well really I don't need to explain but Facebook is much like a cult and its a shocking act to buck the trend you know.

I'm disillusioned by Facebook. When you visit the sure everyday you start to notice things about those on your "friends list". I noticed there were those who were blatant liars making out their lives were a fairy tale, there were those who I suspect have munchausens, there were those who were chronically pessimistic about everything, then there were the sociopaths and the narcissists, the attention seekers... I could go on. 

So what am I doing without Facebook?  So far I've made cookies (choc chip ones from. Deceptively delicious to be exact) 
I've painted with Charlie. I've started sanding Tyson's drawers so I can repaibt them.  I've also pinned a sewing to do list on Pinterest. 

I'm living. I've had Facebook since 2009, and I had forgotten how lovely life is without it. 

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