Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Moon Day 1: Intentions

So I have joined in the August Moon blog roll. For more info check out this

Today's Prompt:
How have you treated yourself this year?

Have you kept your intentions?

2013, has been the year were I often have put myself and my needs last,I put myself on the back burner. I think in a way it's ok, as I have put my boy's needs  first, but at the same time it can be bad as I forget about me.

A treat for me is the ability to just sit on the couch and have a coffee , and not do any chores for an hour. Yes its lame, but that is my reality.  A nice coffee, some chocolate, all awesome treats. 

I keep my intentions honest and true, I set about making goals and striving for them,. For example, I decided I would like to work in Education and enrolled in university.  The Degree actually starts next Monday.  But I also have crazy ideas of doing a second University degree in another area but the second degree would make me highly sought after when I return to work.  I am planning to do a degree in Occupational Therapy as the second degree. 

The next few years will be crazy but worth it. 

I also got married this year in February and 6 months on it is still awesome!

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