Monday, November 4, 2013

Little things

It is the small things that bring joy. The lack of teachers saying "can I speak to you after the bell?" , the lack of notes coming home from school saying once again my child misbehaved or hurt another child at school. 

Today, one teacher said Cody had finished his work before everyone else. This normally results in Cody walking around the room distracting others and just misbehaving. So the teacher popped out for a few mins to get more work sheets for him. He came back to find Cody had decided to start helping other students with their work and was correcting their work too. He said he wanted to be a teacher. The teacher let him continue as Cody rarely initiates conversations with others at school, he waits for the other kids to talk to him first, yet here he was walking up to kids asking if he could help them. The teacher was fascinated. 

Cody's pragmatic report came back recently, he scored low in receptive language and pragmatics but average in all other areas. He has a great understanding of language and grammar. He loves books. 

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