Friday, December 20, 2013

Reverb13:Day 18:Peace

I am often surprised where I find peace, it is usually in the midst of chaos.

In the midst of living, did you find moments to breathe? Were there moments that held you in the embrace of peace and quiet and pure contentment? 

Did these moments catch you by surprise or did you create the space for peace to find you?how will you make space for greater peace in 2014? Because it’s hard to imagine anything more important.

I think for me i found quick moments of peace and calmness when I did yoga, i stopped doing it for a while an felt the flow on effects in the rest of my life areas. Yoga is so helpful for me, for both relaxation and just taking the time to  have that moment of calm , that quiet moment alone. 

I also find contentment among the chaos, it is strange but my mantra is "there is a method to my madness, i just don't know what it is yet" haha

Peace is actually my word for 2014. i think to be truly peaceful you need to be mindful.  (check this link for info on mindfulness), I find it really helps me. At times i do need to remind myself that others are not as mindful at time. Hell, even I am not mindful all the time. But I'm working on it.

<---i found this awesome quote and fell in love with it so i have to share it. I think i would love to o my own version of this on a canvas  with  blues and greens instead of red and orange.

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  1. Fantastic quote! May the word "peace" bring you every happiness in 2014. xx