Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mirror Mirror

As I type this, I am struggling with the ability to feel in both hands & feet. I recently got diagnosed with Peripheral neuropathy. At this stage I have the ability to use both hands & feet, but I have been told it can get to the severe stage where it is paralysis in effected areas. It is , quite scary. 
I had a CT scan yesterday and blood tests today, searching for the cause so that it can be treated before it gets bad. 
I dislike the feeling if the cause isn't found I may end up dependant on others. I do not like relying on others for things.
At this stage I intend to finish my studies (diploma in community services), not sure how I will go on work placement but i will take that as it comes i am not up to that yet.

This isn't how I planned 2014, my plan was to return to work asap. To be independent. 

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