Saturday, March 29, 2014

Interview with the Boys and other adventures

Cody scored this book for $1!

Today Charlie went to a birthday party of a class mate, so while he went to the party with Daddy. I took Tyson & Cody with Ali to the op shop and we came home with a bag full of books! And it only cost me $6. Bargain!

Interview with my boys.

Cody age 8.5yrs , Tyson aged 7.5yrs, Charlie aged 5.5yrs and Ali aged 20 months.

1. What is something your Mum says to you?
Cody: Clean your room Tyson: Clean!
Charlie: Clean your room Tyson right now! and tyson , charlie cody bed!
Ali: Bum

2. What makes Mum happy?
cody: us behavingTyson: no one goes in time out
Charlie: kisses... no one goes in time out or be told off
Ali: mine!

3. What makes Mum sad?
Cody: us hurting each other
Tyson: people going in time out!... if you say we have to clean our rooms we have too we have to listen to ya and not leave it messy,
Charlie: us hurting cody or alistair like this ...*hurts cody*... and we have to behaves
Ali: bum

4. How does your Mum make you laugh?
Cody: i don;t know
Tyson: She farts and jokes.
Charlie: tickling us.

5. What was your Mum like as a child?
Cody: smart
Tyson: like us...a school girl..nice
Charlie: i don't know..but i need to do something...

6. How old is Mum?
Tyson: 27

7. How tall is Mum?
Cody: 63cm or something... i don't know
Tyson:60....64cm tall

8. What is Mums favorite thing to do?
cody: I don't know

tyson: sit on your bum and be and be on facebook on your computer.
charlie: cook!

9. What does Mum do when you're not around?
Cody: go on facebook
Tyson: sit around till you have to pick us up from school
Charlie: play on your phone

10. If your Mum becomes famous what will it be for?
Cody:for being on facebook
Tyson: eating the most
Charlie: rockstar

11. What is Mum really good at?
Tyson: sitting on your bum and playing computer...
Charlie: cooking... and cooking when your sitting on your bottom

12. What is Mum not good at?
cody:i don't know.... cleaning...
tyson: pooping..
charlie: reading your room

13. What does your Mum do for a job?
cody:sit on her bum and do nothing
tyson: lay in her bed and fart
charlie: get a job!

14. What is Mums favorite food?
cody: stir fry
tyson: tacos
charlie: stri fry with meat and ham

15. What makes you proud of your Mum?
cody: nothing
charlie: stink butt

16. If Mum was a cartoon character, what would she be?
Cody: an idiot...
Tyson: a lady gaga
charlie: an oval face

17. What do you and Mum do together?
cody: i dunno
tyson: everyday we have to eat together!
charlie: we talk... we draw

18. How are you and Mum the same?
Cody: we are in the same family...
Tyson: boys are not the same as girls coz girls fart and have long hair..
Charlie: girls don't have bottoms..

19. How are you and Mum different?
cody: you are a girl I am a boy
Tyson: I'm a're a girl...
Charlie: girls don't have organs! organs are authors....and they are actually your rude spots...

20. How do you know your Mum loves you?
tyson: kisses..kiss.kiss...kisss
charlie: coz dad says..

21. Where is Mums favourite place to go?
Cody: hollywood
Tyson: sports centers
Charlie: shop and by some undies...shops like to buy bananas

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