Friday, March 14, 2014

Life with ASD

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? 
11 myths about Autism
10 things every child with Autism wish you knew

I make no secret of having Aspergers (High functioning Autism) and ADHD in my house.  It makes life interesting, sometimes stressful.  Cody was diagnosed quite late, he was 8 years old , he also has Auditory & Sensory Processing Disorders and ADHD. He didn't speak until age 3.  Now he is about to turn 9 years old next month, you wouldn't realise he had been non verbal.  He does see the world differently to how I see it.

Tyson is now at age 7 years old, currently being assessed for Aspergers, he has ADHD. You wouldn't think either of my boys, were in some way  "special needs'.    My calendar is filled with appointments  for things such as: speech therapy, psychologists,  occupational therapy.  I have meetings often with the school, to discuss progress and setbacks, the latest reports etc.   My day may be different to yours.

On Sunday 6th  April it is World Autism Awareness day.  (Check out some of the events being held to celebrate World Autism Day)

What not to say to a parent of a child with Autism

Want to support places who help those with Autism? Here are a few in Australia :
Autism Spectrum Australia
Autism Support

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