Thursday, March 20, 2014

Talking Tuesday: 2 days late !

I do find the humor in post this on a Thursday. I really should schedule posts. But I am disorganised.

Essentially, Talking Tuesday will focus on Speech therapy, what my boys are doing  at home.  All my children are doing some form of it.

Cody- is working  on things such as Pragmatics and sarcasm, and emotion recognition skills.
Tyson- is working on Pragmatics, sarcasm, emotion recognition skills and also some pronunciation of sounds.
Charlie- is working on pronunciation of sounds and word meanings etc.
Ali-  is working on speech development 

Cody- is working on learning to recognise emotion via facial expressions, his homework was to look at pictures and I ask "is the person happy, sad, mad, etc" and ask him why he thought this.
Tyson had the same homework. 
Charlie gets homework from his oral language program that he does at school, he often comes home with an activity that involves colouring in, and a reader from his oral language program. So far he has worked on things like "the chair is UNDER the table" the ball is BEHIND the chair , etc. and in his reader books  he has covered rhyming words and  sorting.   He also does his regular readers that all school kids bring home. 

At home the boys also do Reading eggs and Reading eggs Express. I have found this has helped Tyson and Charlie really well with certain sounds. 

Ali - is working on learning new sounds and words.  So far we just use lots of games and reading and turn taking to encourage him.

Mommy Speech Therapy is a great Blog on speech therapy by a speech therapist.
Charlie's Oral language book on Sorting.

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