Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 6: Muchness

Today's one word prompt is:


What feelings does this word evoke? What sorts of memories does it recall? Which of your senses start to tingle? How would you represent what this word means to you?

Today's word prompt reminds me of the differences in how I was before having kids, and how I am now.  Many parents often forget certain aspects of themselves when they have kids.  Before Kids, I would go to protest rallies,  to arts festivals, my circle of friends included  street performers and circus performers.  My world was very free & care free , and colorful.

What is Muchness? How did I lose it? 
I do not know how I lost that spark of imagination & innocence, maybe it is a part of growing up. Maybe, its from how I was raised as a child.  I have set myself the goal of  finding my muchness and retaining it. 
I plan to start an art journal, being creative will reignite that creative side of me again & will help with my portfolio for when I want to go study Art  at tafe or Uni to help get into the masters of Art therapy one day.

The point is not to look at the old me and think  of how much I have changed and dwell on it as if it is a bad thing. But to focus, on how far I have come, and celebrate that.

There was a time I didn't care what others thought of me.  Somewhere along the line I lost that care free aspect of me. I want to find it again.  Right now , I am a mum of 4 little boys, I somehow manage to study, blog and retain some form of sanity. The old me wouldn't have done all that at all. I have evolved.
I found via google  some awesome Muchness bands check them out:

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I am no way affiliated with the site or its maker in anyway, I just think they look pretty cool.I think I may order a bunch.

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