Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 7: Textures & creativity

Today's one word prompt is:


What feelings does this word evoke? What sorts of memories does it recall? Which of your senses start to tingle? How would you represent what this word means to you?

When I think of the word Texture, I think of painting.  I think of mixed medium artworks. I think of getting messy with lots of colours. I think it can be a metaphor for how we navigate life, each colour added to our canvas is something new we learn or try. And at the end of our life, we are left with this creation full of colour that is unique and tells our story.

Click this link to find out how to
paint with your kids
Art was my favourite subject in school.  I even did art lessons outside of school hours from year 8-12.  I remember, once getting into a debate in year 12 with my then Art teacher over Art being more then just a painting. He turned to me, and said "Jess,  your understanding of Art and what it is, is a lot higher then the rest of the class. It is a shame, I can't mark you on what you just said rather then rely on exam scores".Art was my outlet, during my teen years.  I used it to work through issues & problems, to find my voice on things that mattered to me.

I encourage my four boys to create art. Tyson often draws pictures of things that have happened , rather then try to verbalise a problem.  it helps him see the issue in frount of him and helps him find a solution. It is something  teachers often use, it is a bit of Art therapy in a way.

The Importance of Art in Child Development is a great read on why it is important for children to explore Art in any form.  Also Developing Children's Full potential: Why the arts are important , is a great read.

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