Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 9: Yearning

Today's one word prompt is:


Yearning to me, is a sign of goals not yet reached. Or a sign of being not satisfied with current situations and you haven't yet figured out goals to change what you do not like.  Yearning, isn't a bad thing. it can be a yearning for knowledge, a yearning for career progression, yearning for romance etc. Whatever, floats your boat really.

I would love to build a house like the duggar's home on a big plot of land, with a big veggie garden. That is my yearning. I also yearn for knowledge. 

The older 3 boys went back to school today after having school holidays, and I miss the noise, the fights over the remote, the chaos. It is too quiet. it is too calm.  I yearn for chaos and noise. 

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