Monday, April 14, 2014

Small moments

All these photos were taken over the weekend.

Ali & Charlie holding hands in their sleep.

Ali hugging a cabbage patch doll that used to be mine as a child.
With only a little over a week, until our moving of house, our house looks like a fort of boxes. There are boxes in almost every room now. Our house looks so empty  without  a lot of our stuff out.  I have been checking out  some of my fave blogs for ideas on how to whip my new house into an awesome state of organisation.  So far on my list i have:
PJ bags
Socks /jock /tie holder 
Laundry basket dresser
Laundry baskets 1 each for the boys with their name and photo on them
Toothbrush organisation 
 I think the  main thing i am looking forward to is having an office and the laundry has space for a dryer! Yay i can have a dryer!

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