Sunday, June 22, 2014

Serendip Sanctuary

Today our adventures took us to Serendip Sanctuary.

 The boys enjoyed visiting this place. We even found a sleeping possum in one of the look outs in the wet lands section of the Sanctuary.  I told the boy to be extra quiet so, they didn't wake the possum & scare it.  Charlie's theory was the possum must be like Alistair when he gets woken up, Alistair gets grumpy.

The quiet walk around the sanctuary was peaceful. We visited just before noon & there were not many visitors.  A we left a few large groups were arriving. Afterwards, we stopped for fish & chips for lunch.
Allan said he should have packed the football in the car, the boys didn't seem to notice or mind the lack of a football.

I whipped up 2 batches of  chocolate zucchini mini muffins tonight to pop in the freezer for lunchboxes.  Click here for the recipe: 
It is really  yummy!
The boys give them the thumbs up.

Other happenings this weekend have been:

Me learning how to use a sander. I am slowly upcycling an old dining table, we got from freecycle  5 or 6 years ago. It is going to be a craft table for the boys. Allan cut the legs down to child height a few weeks ago. now it is just the sanding to be done  and then staining or painting.

I have also decluttered the cupboard that has a gazzilion plastic plates, bowls, cups etc in it. I am convinced those things breed overnight.  The boys each have a colour each now.  We picked up some funky polka dot sets from kmart.

Cody chose purple, Charlie chose blue , Tyson chose red. That left Green for Alistair.  I just have to get some matching cups  and  some drink bottles  and a nice rectangle basket to tore the cups & drink bottles in and my cupboard will be awesome.

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