Saturday, August 9, 2014

Life so far...

Over the past week or so I have been busy getting a big pile of printables from a blog called Life Over C's.
We are looking at becoming a full time Home Educating family, or at least Home educating Tyson.  We have face two suspensions this week for him from school.    It has been no big shock that he has been happier at home and much calmer.

We have been using Study Ladder as well as mathletics, & reading eggs.  

Cody loves using study ladder, he is currently working on year 7 maths on it. The great thing about study ladder is it doesn't tell the child what  grade/year level they are working on, they just know the parent set that task.  Tyson is working at his level in maths and english, charlie is slowly working on his skills too.

Wednesday Tyson was home and did a day at home of learning, he thrived and his thirst for learning was amazing. he loved it.

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