Saturday, February 14, 2015

Homeschool Update

What does a typical home school day look like in our home?
Well first I should explain  only Tyson is being homeschooled currently, so i have 2 at school still and then I have a toddler at home as well.

We chose to use a distant education school, rather than elect to go it alone straight away.

Tyson hasn't been to school since August 2014.  The changes I have seen in him are  awesome, he is calmer (he still has his moments and meltdowns )  He now will attempt to spell words without melt downs, he does work and looks forward to doing it, he has learnt its ok to make mistakes.  He no longer gets anxious at not being perfect.

He has started to verbalise himself and his thought & feelings way more. He is coming out of his shell.    He still does his speech therapy which is a play based one that follows the floor time approach.


Every weekday at 9am he starts his lessons. ot days he starts with maths and spends 20-30 mins doing maths then moves on to some spelling, then  a reader. Then we have a break for a snack and to move around. Then depending on what day it is, we do art or PE or topic study unit work or some more maths or some more english work.  Generally most days he is finished his whole day of school by 1pm.  then he spends until 3pm on study ladder or doing an art project or practising his italian on duolingo.  We also do lego Quest, the boys really enjoy that.


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