Saturday, April 18, 2015

April moon day 15

Day 15 Prompt:

I wish I could be a better friend better person.
Better sister.
Connect more with others.

But at the same time, I see why some people fine it hard to connect with me. What their barriers are. I am hoping to help them overcome their barriers so they can connect more.

I wish to travel the world , see new things, see new places. Meet new people. If i had my way I would be a Nomad and travel the world forever , never stopping, just living out of a suitcase,

I wish everyone could be happy.


  1. People do find it hard to connect, it's true. Props to you for continuing to try. x

  2. I love that Zola quotation - 'live out loud' - what a brilliant image! And I recognise the allure of the nomad life.

    I think that trying to be a better person is half the battle!

  3. Some huge wishes there! I hope they come true xx

  4. May all beings be happy - that's a wish I hold with all my heart. Sending love to all your wishes.

  5. "I came to live out loud" -- what a provocative quote.

    From one travel-lover to another, best wishes.