Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fussy Eater Part 1

Mr Almost 3 years old, is a character.  Up until recently, it seemed he survived on air.
Then I saw Reese Witherspoon sum up how toddlers eat (well refuse to eat)
Check it out here it is funny.

Lately, My midget Dictator has taken to screaming his meal orders, his orders appear to be in either another language or he is making up words as he goes.

 This scene plays out pretty much daily:

"Beybrade fast breybrade fast!" he screams  whilst sprinting around the house, naked. (where are his clothes? he had clothes on about 2 minutes ago?!)

I manage to stop him , in his tracks. It is  stand off between us. We do the  sideways shuffle to see who can make an escape. I quickly grab him  as he attempts to make a run for it.

"are you hungry? where are your clothes?" I ask.
"clothes gone. Pants gone. " he replies.
So eventually, I understand that he has decided he would like some cereal.  I prepare  him a bowl and then sit him down, to eat.

He stares at it. He stares long and hard at this  bowl of cereal.

Then, he  pushes it away.  "Me no like this" he announces.
So I ask him , if he would like toast or fruit or yoghurt.
"No not hungry" He replies.

I attempt to entice him to eat some yoghurt. He shakes his head, saying "no". I try to feed him, myself in an attempt to get him to eat something. This kid has the moves of a ninja, he moves at the speed of light and dodges the spoon.  Somehow I am wearing most of the yoghurt & he is naked again...

30 minutes later, I find him in the cupboard. Eating sultanas...

Then, it was lunchtime.   I give him a sandwich, he sniffs it. Then licks it.  "me no like this sammich" He announces then throws it across the room.

While he naps, I plot to somehow  get food into him.  I imagine a slingshot and think, of how I can aim some food into him as he sprints by.  I think about how I could make pictures with his food, maybe that will work.

Did I mention, I am meant to hide his iron supplements in his food? Yes Somehow his pediatrician thinks, this task will be an easy task. I have concluded I need to hide his supplements inside some chocolate balls. I mean, who doesn't like chocolate? This kid could work for customs the way he can detect chocolate that I hide. 
My plan for today is to make some Milo Balls (recipe here).  He normally has his supplements after dinner. I will Post about if he eats them later tonight (or earlier in the morning).

*To Be Continued*

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