Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sleep? What's that?

Ask any parent, when was the last time they had a great night's sleep and many will look at you like you are either crazy or just plain stupid.  For me, I think the last time I got a great night's sleep was 10 years ago...

Fast forward to present day, where the older 3 boys go off to bed around the same time. (High 5 mum for that one!)  Which leaves me to contend with the stubborn  almost 3 year old who seems to leave all his energy to be expelled during the hours of 10pm and 1am...
The best way to describe is he is like Hammy from Over the Hedge...

So last night, after having all my energy sucked out of me by the energy sucking almost 3 year old. I am convinced he is like a death eater from Harry Potter.  I decided to attempt, getting  this hyperactive dictator into his bed at 9:30pm.

By 10pm, I had put him in to his bed 100+ times.
"It's night time, Time for sleep now" I pleaded.
"No! me play! *insert yawn*" announced the dictator as he jumped on his bed...

I read him, his favourite story 10 times, as he yawns.
Awesome, he will be asleep soon, I think.
I was wrong.

I attempt to get him back into bed after he escapes the room 8 times. Where does this little Death eater get his energy from?  Has he been in to the coffee?

Then, he announces he is tired.  It is 12pm.

I crawl into my bed with him, I am too tired to keep trying to chase him around the house.  Within 15 minutes, he is snoring, smack bang in the middle of my bed, spread out like a star fish.

Do I dare move him and risk waking up this angelic looking Death Eater?

I decide not to move him, out of fear I will end up falling asleep on the floor of his bedroom, whilst he jumps on me.

You win, this round, Mr almost 3 year old.

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