Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 1 of the School Holidays...Ice Skating

It is day 1 of the school holidays and I had a lapse of insanity. I thought it would be fun, to take the boys to the Ice Skating rink.  Mr 10 yr old decided he wanted to opt out of Ice Skating and spent 20 mins playing/chasing Mr almost 3 yr old.
Mr almost 9 yr old provided a countdown right down to the second, every minute... He was looking forward to it . Mr almost 7yr old, threw several tantrums at the lack of movement in the line and how it was taking too long.

Mr almost 9 and Mr almost 7yrs both landed on their bottoms a few times , but they had a blast.  They had never been Ice skating before an have concluded they want to try it again at a bigger rink.

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