Tuesday, June 23, 2015

No sleep ...and brownies

Tyson with his Brownies
The tiny one's sleep is no better lately, cold & flu season seems to have hit hard in the house.  I can not smell right now.

Tyson made brownies recently, they had beetroot in them (yes I know beetroot sounds weird but they taste pretty awesome)
Rich beetroot Chocolate brownies
Tyson will be going back to school next term, we are hoping it is a smooth transition. He is looking forward to cooking with his year level. His year level has a vegetable garden and they use the produce to cook in the kitchen.

Cody has been lucky enough to join a ASD study with the local children's hospital and research institute.So for the next, 4-6 months he will be monitored. He found it really weird to do the spit genetic tests.  He had a excellent mid year report.

Charlie, has started working with an Occupational Therapist,  Speech therapist& councilor . He has really taken a shine to them. He also had a great mid year school report.

Little Alistair, recently had to go to hospital  but has been in good spirits otherwise.  I can't believe he will be 3 soon. I have been busy organising his 3 year old preschool enrolment for next year. 

Slowly, I am getting through my 2 diplomas. I have RPL credits getting processed  for my Education Support Diploma. I have a to do list a mile long, for things I need to organise for next term. I think I will need a personal assistant or something!

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